Day Four: Rice Babies

This is Day Four in a 10 day series featuring homemade gifts. Click here to start reading at the beginning of the series.


At our house, instead of using ice on bruises and similar injuries, we often use bags of frozen vegetables, such as corn or broccoli. Somehow over the years they were dubbed “corn babies” and “broccoli babies.” So when we first began making these rice-filled warm compresses, it was natural that they became known as “rice babies” around here. These heatable and reusable bags feel so good on sore muscles or tucked around your feet to keep them warm. Of course, they make wonderful gifts, which is why they are part of this series!

What you need:

• 2 8×8 inch squares of flannel (you can use leftover scraps of flannel from other projects)

• Coordinating thread

• 2 cups of dry white rice



Serge one edge of each of the squares. (These edges will be the top or opening.)


With right sides together, serge the three unfinished sides together.



Divide the open side into three parts…


and sew the first and third part shut.




Turn right side out.


Fill with two cups of rice.


Then sew the opening securely shut with a tiny whip-stich. Image

Put it in the microwave for about forty-five seconds depending on how your microwave heats. Shake it lightly to distribute the heat. Do not use on babies or elderly people who might be insensitive to heat since there is no way to regulate the temperature.

If you would like a rice baby but don’t want to make it, we hope to have them available soon in our shop, The Country Bluebird.

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