Day Seven: Gift Bags

This is Day Seven in a 10 day series featuring homemade gifts. Click here to start reading at the beginning of the series.


Bags that are filled with yummy goodies and small gifts are rich in tradition, yet simple to prepare even on short notice. For the past few years we have put together bags like the ones above, filled them with yummy things, and given them to family for Christmas. They are so fun to unpack! Below are some of the decorating ideas we have used on our bags. We usually put handmade tags on them so everyone can find their bag!

Bag Number One:


On the first bag I took foam snowflakes and glued them onto a bag. It gave an easy yet pretty look.

Bag Number Two:


I took a festive piece of scrapbooking paper and cut it to fit the bag….


and then I took a rubber stamp that says “May the quiet beauty of this season bring you deep joy and warm memories to cherish throughout the coming year”, stamped it onto a piece of paper and  glued that onto the bag.


Bag Number Three:


On the third bag (this is my favorite!), I cut strips of holiday scrapbooking paper,


and after all the paper was glued on, I cut around the edge of the bag to even it out. I used a glue stick so that the glue would spread evenly.


When I look at this bag, I first think of my sister’s scrapbooking book, and then I see the cream holly and ivy paper (on the right) and that reminds me of lace!

Bag Number Four:


This bag is just like the third bag, I just used winter paper.


The finished fourth bag is in the background.


Some of the things that we like to fill our Christmas bags with are:

• Oranges

• Popcorn balls

• Candy canes (or old-fashioned peppermint sticks!)

• Homemade frosted cookies

• Homemade caramels (Click here for our favorite recipe!)

• Wool socks or mittens

• Little useful gifts (sometimes dishcloths, crochet hooks, a pocket knife, etc.)

Thank you for visiting a Homespun Country Life!

~ Elisabeth

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