8 reasons why we wash dishes by hand


About a year and half ago, we quit using our dishwasher in favor of the good old-fashioned kitchen sink and dish cloth method.

Here is a list of reasons why we took this drastic step.

1. We were tired of having “clean” dishes (especially silverware!) that still had food hardened on to them. Yuck!

2. We hated the water spots on the dried dishes. Our metal mixing bowls started looking cheap.

3. We always had several sinks-full of dishes that had to be done by hand anyway. (Glass dishes, knives, and large pots and pans.) And for huge meals like Thanksgiving, the dishwasher only washed a fraction.

4. It took so long for the dishes to be washed, dried, and ready for use. And we still had to empty the dishwasher– a chore we girls hated– up to three times a day! When two of us are washing and drying the dishes by hand, we can be done with all the supper dishes in twenty minutes.

5. Uh, have you ever cleaned your dishwasher? Mom and Dad had to do this about twice a year, which wouldn’t be so bad except that it’s a disgusting job! To use Mom’s description, it looked like someone had made a casserole and put it in the dishwasher for the full cycle to bake, but it baked on to all the surfaces that you can’t see when you just look inside. Imagine trying to wash your dishes in water with “casserole” floating in it.

6. It has cut down on our electricity bill, although we probably use just as much water as the dishwasher did.

7. We get to use all of our beautiful dish towels and our hand knit dish cloths! (See our Etsy shop, where we sell cotton dish cloths.)

8. Lastly, it’s such a wonderful way to spend quality time with each other. Sometimes we girls will sing as we wash and dry, or talk about what to plant in the garden this spring.

Maybe some of you are devoted to your dishwasher, and that’s great; and maybe some of you have never even had one, which is also great! After a year and half, we are still doing just fine without ours. 🙂 One of these days we are going to replace the dishwasher with another cupboard; after all, who can’t use more cupboard space? But that’s a story for another time!

Here is a beautiful poem that Mom enjoys.

At the Kitchen Sink

Do we, I wonder, stop to think
How we need God’s grace at the kitchen sink?
It really isn’t fun
When you can’t get your dishes done.
For some folks need to fill their pans,
And others want to wash their hands;
The cook brings vegetables to scrub;
One sister has a cloth to rub;
Each little one keeps coming up
For a cold drink in a little cup.
You try to keep your water hot,
But cold drips in as well as not.
It takes a lot of prayer I think
To keep God’s grace at the kitchen sink,
Yet–I am glad that I can live
Among dear ones, who take and give.
There is a wondrous family link
Of love around the kitchen sink.
– Author unknown

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