Chocolate Beet Cake with Beet Icing


We made this lovely chocolate beet cake earlier this week, with beets from our vegetable garden. The grated beats add wonderful moisture and a very subtle, slightly fruity, earthy flavor. We baked the cake batter in one round pan and one 9 inch square pan. Of course, we would have used two round pans, but someone had borrowed our other round pan since last time we made a layer cake! 😉


It kind of looks like we are teaching kindergarten using cakes to explain the different shapes. “Now, this one is a circle, Freddy, and this other one is a square. Make a note of that!”


We had to get a picture of the frosting as we mixed it because it was so lovely! The beats gave it such a rich, ruddy complexion.


First layer of cake and frosting.


Giant whoopie pie. 😉


First layer of frosting, or a crumb coat, if you want the fancy term for it!


Here it is after being refrigerated and frosted with the rest of the frosting! Beautiful. Delicious. Pink.


IMG_7498 IMG_7514

Irresistible with vanilla ice cream!

Well now, I’m sure you are looking for the recipe. But you see, we found the recipe for this cake on another blog, so we don’t want to take their credit. But here is the link to her blog and the recipe. We did make a few alterations when we made it, but overall we stuck to the recipe, and we would highly suggest making this one! Oh, and we didn’t mash the beats as finely for the frosting as we maybe should have, so there are more lovely red speckles in our frosting than in hers. 🙂

Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle


4 thoughts on “Chocolate Beet Cake with Beet Icing

  1. Once upon a time we lived in a Big City. We loved the Big City for a while, the pretty lights at night, the strange people, the fancy restaurants with food we’d never heard of but tasted really cool! After a while we moved back home, to the Country. (We know you all at A Homespun Country Life understand why…) We love the lighting bugs at night, the old home folks, and the plain country cooking. But once and a while, especially on a special occasion like our birthdays, we longed for the chocolate cake we had once tasted in the Big City. So one day we contacted the owner of the Restaurant in the Big City and begged her to send us a whole chocolate cake, or a piece, or the recipe. And you know what? She did! So now we make the chocolate cake on our birthday and take a piece of it outside and watch the lighting bugs float while we talk about the Guy Who Painted Himself Blue in the Big City with our good old neighbors. And we get the secret ingredient for the special chocolate cake from our own garden out back…beets!

    • Hi Audrey!! We love your story! The beets really are a wonderful secret ingredient to chocolate cakes. Our brother Nate couldn’t guess the secret ingredient that we girls were talking about when he was eating this cake, until we told him that we hadn’t added any food coloring to the frosting. 🙂 Even then, he could hardly believe it!!
      Thanks for visiting! ~Kerstin

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