September Storms

We’ve been having some amazing storms this past week! Thursday night was the climax. The clouds were almost frightening in their magnificence!



The approaching storm…



The clouds were almost completely past us before the rainy part of the storm hit.



You can see in these pictures how the soy beans are starting to die down for the fall.



While this cloud was going over, an eerie stillness fell over the yard, although the clouds were moving quite fast.



Suddenly, the wind picked up. We could see a wall of rain sweeping across the neighbor’s field, heading our way.



And the rains came.



This morning we awoke to find our ditches and fields flooded, almost as much as they are flooded in the spring when the entire winter’s accumulation of snow has melted.




Several trees in the area fell down from the terrific winds. In fact, Dad and Nate (one of our brothers) had to take a chainsaw down the road a piece to cut up a tree that fell across half of the road.

Looks like we are going to have some storm clean up to do this weekend!


And finally, a lovely blue sky appeared Friday afternoon!!


Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!!

~Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle



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