Orange Fanta Cake


We interrupt the series with a Orange Fanta Cake…which looks like a flop, and sort of was one, but tasted really delicious and rich! I saw this cake over at The Pioneer Woman and decided to try it…

Haha, yes, mine was far different. Hers is perfect, just like I want my next try at this cake to be!

I didn’t use Ree’s complete recipe because I found a pound cake mix in the cupboard and decided, since it was almost out-dated, to use it. I think it would have worked, but the mistake I made was not substituting the orange soda for the water, I just added them both. So it ended up really dense and rich; almost like a chess pie filling but with the orange soda taste! If it wasn’t for the rather tough sides, you could pop a piece in your mouth and it would just melt. Mmmmm….


And about the glaze. When I tipped it out of the pan and saw it, I said something like “It looks bad, but we’re gonna put so much glaze on it that all we’ll taste is sugar!” That’s why it looks like something from Halloween….kind of reminds me of the pumpkin that the Headless Horseman threw at Ichabod Crane from The Legend of Sleepy Hollow!

Anyway, next time, I’ll use the pound cake mix and use orange soda INSTEAD of water.

But then, the texture was so unusual in this “flop” that I might just repeat it.

So keep your eyes open for a re-do on this cake! 🙂

Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!



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