Day Five: DIY Apple Centerpiece Candle Holders

This is Day Five in a 9 day series featuring apples. Click here to start reading at the beginning of the series.DSCN1390

For today’s apple post, we are sharing a DIY craft instead of a recipe! We took apples from our own trees in the yard, made a small round hollow in the center of each one, and slipped a tea light candle inside to make these lovely autumn candle holders. This is a project that we girls have been wanting to try for several weeks, and since they turned out so well, we decided to include them in our apple series. We didn’t get photos of the process because it is fairly simple and straightforward, but we will list the steps involved at the end of the post.


Here they are in the dark. I love the reddish glow!




They would make a gorgeous centerpiece for an autumn meal or celebration, like Thanksgiving.




They are even pretty when the candles aren’t burning. The wax occasionally spills down the side, in an artistic way.


We tried two different methods for making the round hollow for holding the tea light candle.

First, I tried using a sharp knife. It worked, but it left jagged edges and the hole wasn’t as round as I would have liked.

For the second method, we used a spoon, which worked really well because it was rounded but still sharp enough to pierce through the apple’s skin. I would suggest this method, because I think it is safer than using the knife, as well as being more accurate.

To keep the inside of the apple from discoloring, you can try rinsing it with a little bit of lemon juice, just like you normally would for apple slices.

The candles are from Partylite in the Vanilla Shortbread scent, which smells SO yummy! We were able to pop the wax candles out of the plastic holder that they come in, and insert it directly into the candle. We’ve found that Partylite candles burn very clean, and they have an amazing variety of scents!

Last of all, light the candles and enjoy this beautiful autumn decoration!

This project took us only a few minutes for each apple, and cost us very little because (a) the apples were from our trees, and (b) the candles were from Mom’s stash and we love to burn them!

Let us know if you try carving a few apples, too! We would love to hear about your twist on this project.

Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle


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