Day Five: Crocheted Pumpkin Bag Pattern

This is Day Five of a 8 part series featuring pumpkins! Click here to start reading at the beginning of the series.IMG_6751

Each fall, we like to design seasonal crocheted bags for our Etsy shop. We have made candy corns, ghosts, and a variety of original colorful bags, but these adorable little pumpkins are one of our favorite designs of all. We want to share the pattern for our pumpkin bags. It’s really easy, and fun once you start experimenting with different yarn colors. However, if you don’t feel up to the challenge (but you really want the pumpkins!), we encourage you to check out our selection of bags here at the Country Bluebird.


I would like to note that we did not create the original pattern that these pumpkin bags are based from; however, we have modified it in several ways to get it “just right.” 

Materials: Small skein of sport-weight cotton yarn in orange, burgandy, or cream color; Small amount of contrasting cotton yarn (green, brown, or tan); Size H-8 (5mm) crochet hook.


Ch = Chain

sl st = slip stitch

sc = single crochet

dc = double crochet


Using orange, burgandy, or cream yarn: Ch 4; join with a slip stitch to form a ring.

Rnd 1: Chain 1, 8 sc in ring; do not join, mark end of each round (rnd). Work in back loops only beginning with Rnd 2.

Rnd 2: [2 sc in next sc] 8 times — 16 sc.

Rnd 3: [2 sc in next sc, sc in next sc] 8 times — 24 sc.

Rnd 4: [2 sc in next sc, sc in next 2 sc] 8 times — 32 sc.

Rnd 5: [2 sc in next sc, sc in next 3 sc] 8 times — 40 sc.

Rnds 6-15: Sc in each sc around.

At the end of Rnd 15, join with a sl st in both loops of next sc. Fasten off.

Rnd 16: Using contrasting yarn: Now work remaining rnds in both loops. Ch 4, skip next sc, [dc in next sc, ch 1 , skip next sc] 19 times; join with a sl st in 3rd ch of ch-4.

Rnd 17: Ch 1, [2 sc in next ch-1 space] 20 times; join to first sc. Fasten off. Weave in ends. Make 2 twisted cords starting with a 3-yard length of yarn for each. Weave each through ch-1 spaces of Rnd 17 in opposite directions. Knot ends of cord together; trim ends.


Super easy, right? 🙂 Of course, if you have any trouble with any part of this pattern, feel free to comment below with any questions!

Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!



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