Dainty Jewells Dress Review



To me there’s nothing that makes me feel more elegant than wearing a dress. A few weeks ago I received my first Dainty Jewell‘s dress in the mail, and I love it! The fabric is high quality, and the color and design (which looks Scandinavian) are capable of being worn autumn through spring! You just have to have the right accessories for it.


I can’t quite decide what the color is. It’s not really pink, not really coral, but maybe a brownish-pink.  I think it would look lovely with any complexion!


I accessorized the dress with a watch (from Charming Charlie’s) and a black belt (from another skirt I have).


I wore a pair of vintage-inspired black and white pumps from Burlington Coat Factory.



My hair I split into sections and each section I wrapped around my fingers and pinned with bobby pins. I’ll do a tutorial on it later!


General had to come over and get some hugs and kisses. 🙂

I’m very happy with my purchase. The length is very modest and classic, which is just my style, and the quality is superb.

(This is not a paid review.)

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