Lilla Rose Hair Accessory Review


A few weeks ago my mom, sisters, and I attended a Lilla Rose catalogue party. We had a fantastic time chatting with friends and trying flexis and other hair accessories in our hair. By the end of the evening we decided to purchase three flexis….and it was hard to choose since there were so many beautiful choices!



I chose the Freestyle Tiara Flexi in a small. It holds the hair very securely, but it is a little small for all my hair. Next time (and there will definitely be one!) I’ll get a medium so I can wear it in a chic ponytail or bun….although I might need a large size for the latter!

The reason I like this flexi so much is that there is a selection of beads on it, and only one of each bead. And it’s very versatile for everyday wear!

Mom and Gabrielle will share pictures of their flexis another time!

Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!




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