How To: DIY Rose Hair Clip Tutorial


There are few things more romantic than roses, especially when they are adorning a chic up-do on Valentine’s Day! After many experiments (and a few failures to begin with), we finally discovered the best method for making flower hair clips. If you are just looking for lovely hair flowers to purchase, you can find some beautiful ones here.

You will need:

• An artificial flower (see next paragraph)

• Cream or other coordinating craft felt

• Alligator-style hair clip

• High-temperature hot glue gun and glue sticks

• Hair 😉



First, when you are choosing your flower, find one that has a mostly flat base. You don’t want a hard chunk of plastic, because it will stick out from your head instead of nestling into your tresses. After a few trials, you will become an expert in judging artificial flowers.



Pull the rose off the stem and dissect it. Be sure to keep the layers in the order that you remove them. Oh, and it is handy to have the plastic support pieces between the right layers, too. Some flowers hold their shape without them; others need a boost to keep them looking like they are in full bloom.



Usually I take the center-most piece out first, and I wait to put it in at the end to keep from squashing it unnecessarily. I might glue these petals together a little bit, just to keep them looking pristine.



Cut the stem quite close to the base. It’s important to keep the plastic to a minimum.



I also glued the next layer around the plastic piece, just to keep the green all together.



Now it’s simply a matter of gluing the rest of the petal layers together in the right order. Don’t overuse the glue, but do make sure each layer is secure. If you feel like the flower needs the support pieces, glue them in.



I sometimes glue the petals together a little closer to the edge, so the plastic support won’t show.



That’s the last layer! Now for the clip, which you can see in the background.



Cut two pieces of felt: one needs to be about 2″ x 3″. This is the felt base.



The other should be about 1.5″ wide, and just slightly longer than your alligator hair clip, maybe 2″ long or so.



Spread glue across the back of the larger piece of felt.



Center it on the back of the flower and press it down until it’s cooled.



Spread glue down the clip and on the felt sides.



Place it neatly in the center of the large felt piece. Hold it until it’s completely hardened.



We haven’t forgotten about the innermost piece that we started with! Glue the bottom of it and set it right in the center on the top of the flower.



Wiggle it around until it’s perfect. Finally, glue any petals that look like they need held in place to give the rose more shape. Tuck your hair into your favorite chignon, clip this lovely rose into it, and have a wonderful Valentine’s Day! ❤




Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle


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