Modest Spring Fashion Outfit #2

DSCN4860I think this spring outfit is perfect for the winter-spring transition, considering the somewhat darker color of the skirt. I wore this on St. Patrick’s Day, too, so I wouldn’t get pinched by a leprechaun. (It worked!!)

The skirt was a thrift store find for $5. It took me several minutes to decide if I liked it at first, and even as I took it to the checkout I had my doubts. So, really you could say it was an impulse that made me finally purchase it! I’m so glad I did now, because I love the length and fullness of it. The girls over at Skirtfixation would say it has great twirl potential!! I have tested it, and it definitely does. 🙂



The lacy cream top is one of my favorites from last summer. I found it on sale at Maurices for…let me think… about $10. I felt like it was the perfect top for this skirt because its fitted style contrasts well with the full skirt.

I borrowed the belt from another skirt I have, and it ties the outfit together. Literally. 😉



Like last time, I curled my hair overnight and followed the same method of fixing it this morning.



And the shoes! These cream heels are from Kohls. I bought them last spring to wear to my sister’s wedding, and they are still some of my favorites. I love the bow accents!


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Modest Spring Fashion Outfit #1


Sundays are the highlight of my week, for many reasons. One of the (less important) reasons is that I get to dress up and no one thinks I’m silly! We girls are always looking for classy, modest clothing; and if we can find it on sale, so much the better. This outfit captures all those essential qualities!



I found this gray A-line skirt at Sears. It was a bargain, a real bargain at $8, and I can’t get over the simple, classic style! I know I’ll be using it as a foundation for many outfits this spring. It comes to just below my knee, which gives the outfit a slightly vintage feel.



The peach cowl-neck top was another amazing deal! I found it at Shopko for $7, if I remember correctly. It combines comfort and classy perfectly, so it’s my new go-to spring top. The ruching on the sides makes it chic and slimming, and the lacy “cut-out” style in the back gives it a romantic look!




You might remember these shoes from this outfit that Elisabeth shared awhile back. It’s such a blessing to have sisters with the same size feet! 😉 The shoes contribute to the retro look, and help to pull the outfit together.



Last night I used a no-heat curling method in my hair. (Someday I’ll work up the courage to do a tutorial on this method, because it’s my favorite hair style!) This morning I took the curler out, ran my fingers through the curls to loosen them, and pinned the top part up. There was a considerable amount of hairspray involved as well!




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Maple Tree


This old giant maple tree has stood on our land in the shed yard for well over half a century. Our great-grandfather planted it when he owned the property, and for many years it shaded the large barn that stood across the way from it. We girls used to play in this maple all the time since it was one of the easiest trees to get into, even though because of its structure it was impossible to climb very high. Once we even boosted our dog General up into it! Several times we have tapped it for maple sap too.


IMG_7212 - Version 2

Last summer, we noticed that it was dying, so our dad and brother started to cut it down. Because of the soybeans, they could only cut part of it; and, after it dried for a few weeks, Dad showed us girls how to split the larger logs into firewood using a wood splitter. We found several large pale yellow worms or grubs (we tried not to look at them too closely!).


This past Saturday, our dad and brother finished it off. It didn’t take long for it to crash to the ground, and now there is a nice stack of firewood waiting to be split and an even bigger stack of sticks to be burned!



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~Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle



Full Moon of March


This past week we enjoyed the beautiful full moon! It rose just at supper time, and we had a lovely view from our dining room window. Why is it that photos can never do justice to the beauty and majesty of the real thing?



The next night it rose later, and shone across the snow. You see, we had a bit of freezing rain a few days ago, and it formed a icy crust across the snow, which reflected the moon beams.





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~Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle


Rustic Pork Skillet


First, my apologies for the poor photo quality. It was in the evening, and I was cooking over the stove, which has notoriously bad lighting at all times of day! Now, this photo might not seem very yummy, and it isn’t. I mean, who would want to eat a photo anyway? But the food that is captured by the photo was delicious. I didn’t actually get any because the photo captured it before I; but I know it was yummy because I made it. I take that back; we made it; we meaning my mum and sister.

But really, where was I?


Ah, yes. We do not make a menu plan. We should, we ought to, but we don’t. So, one afternoon not long ago, we didn’t quite know what to make for the evening meal. Brilliantly we brainstormed, and out of that crashed this container of grilled pork chops! We cooks slowly looked at each other, and then started rushing about the kitchen. We commanded the youngest cook to saúte a thinly sliced half an onion. After that, the potatoes hit the sizzling pan on the run, with a posse of diced pork close behind. Then the fresh basil was added. The whole pan coughed and choked when we added the seasonings. We experimented there a little there you see!  Within thirty minutes we had supper. Or what might be supper if it tasted good. It was supper. But we didn’t get any because the photo captured it, remember? So wait, why did I imply that it was good? Because you see, since I was the one guarding the pan of food, I sneaked some. But I only got a little, because then the photo captured it.


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~ Elisabeth