Rustic Pork Skillet


First, my apologies for the poor photo quality. It was in the evening, and I was cooking over the stove, which has notoriously bad lighting at all times of day! Now, this photo might not seem very yummy, and it isn’t. I mean, who would want to eat a photo anyway? But the food that is captured by the photo was delicious. I didn’t actually get any because the photo captured it before I; but I know it was yummy because I made it. I take that back; we made it; we meaning my mum and sister.

But really, where was I?


Ah, yes. We do not make a menu plan. We should, we ought to, but we don’t. So, one afternoon not long ago, we didn’t quite know what to make for the evening meal. Brilliantly we brainstormed, and out of that crashed this container of grilled pork chops! We cooks slowly looked at each other, and then started rushing about the kitchen. We commanded the youngest cook to saúte a thinly sliced half an onion. After that, the potatoes hit the sizzling pan on the run, with a posse of diced pork close behind. Then the fresh basil was added. The whole pan coughed and choked when we added the seasonings. We experimented there a little there you see!  Within thirty minutes we had supper. Or what might be supper if it tasted good. It was supper. But we didn’t get any because the photo captured it, remember? So wait, why did I imply that it was good? Because you see, since I was the one guarding the pan of food, I sneaked some. But I only got a little, because then the photo captured it.


Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!


~ Elisabeth


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