Modest Spring Fashion Outfit #1


Sundays are the highlight of my week, for many reasons. One of the (less important) reasons is that I get to dress up and no one thinks I’m silly! We girls are always looking for classy, modest clothing; and if we can find it on sale, so much the better. This outfit captures all those essential qualities!



I found this gray A-line skirt at Sears. It was a bargain, a real bargain at $8, and I can’t get over the simple, classic style! I know I’ll be using it as a foundation for many outfits this spring. It comes to just below my knee, which gives the outfit a slightly vintage feel.



The peach cowl-neck top was another amazing deal! I found it at Shopko for $7, if I remember correctly. It combines comfort and classy perfectly, so it’s my new go-to spring top. The ruching on the sides makes it chic and slimming, and the lacy “cut-out” style in the back gives it a romantic look!




You might remember these shoes from this outfit that Elisabeth shared awhile back. It’s such a blessing to have sisters with the same size feet! 😉 The shoes contribute to the retro look, and help to pull the outfit together.



Last night I used a no-heat curling method in my hair. (Someday I’ll work up the courage to do a tutorial on this method, because it’s my favorite hair style!) This morning I took the curler out, ran my fingers through the curls to loosen them, and pinned the top part up. There was a considerable amount of hairspray involved as well!




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