Articulated Tandem Bike


A couple days ago Elisabeth and I were going through our bikes and we found a teal bike missing a front wheel. The idea came upon us that we should try making a tandem bike by attaching the two front rods (forks) of the teal bike to the back axle of Elisabeth’s old blue bike. We hauled the project to Dad and this is what we got. 🙂


First, here are the two bikes that we used.


This was Elisabeth’s old bike…she really liked it, but it wasn’t working very well, so it was pretty easy to convince her to use it in this project! hehehe…


Dad started out by bending the two rods (forks) on the teal bike apart so that they would fit around the back axle of the blue bike.


Then he made the bottom portion parallel to hook on the axle.


This done, he cut the nut that was holding the frame of the blue bike to its back wheel in half so that two nuts could fit on the bolt.


He then attached the two front rods of the teal bike unto the bolt, screwed the nut into place..


Tightened the nuts, and…


the finished product! It is articulated, so it is a bit harder to learn to ride. But I think Elisabeth and I have almost gotten the hang of it. We have only fallen off once, and that was on the grass. 🙂

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~ Gabrielle and Elisabeth


Modest Spring Fashion Outfit #3


My third spring outfit is actually a dress, not a skirt and top combination like usual. The gray and black knit material makes this dress perfect for the months between winter and summer, and I think it will be wonderful this fall, too!


So, I must tell you about this wonderful bargain!! We girls and Mom were at Sears a few weeks ago, and I was casually sifting through a few of the winter clearance racks with no intention of purchasing anything. Then I spied this dress. The chic details of it immediately caught my attention: my favorites are the soft cowl neckline, the subtle high-low hem, and the short ruched sleeves. I must tell you, the ruching on the sleeves sealed the deal. And for $20, I surely couldn’t go wrong!


This dress did come with it’s own belt, but it wasn’t just right, so I borrowed a belt from a different dress in my wardrobe.


These classic black heels were perfect for drawing the outfit together. I just bought them last week at Payless Shoes for about $22. Besides being super comfortable, they are the perfect height (about 2 1/2″), in my opinion. While I love wearing 4-inch or taller heels sometimes, most of the time I don’t want the extra height.


And I curled my hair again for fun.


You can see the ruching of the sleeves a bit better in this photo.


When General interrupted the photo shoot, I had to stop and give him some kisses. ❤

He’s the best dog ever!!

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Chickie update


It has now been one week since the chicks arrived! They have just about doubled in size, and are starting to grow their feathers. They are not cute anymore at all! (My mum saw the pictures of them and said they were cute though! So it might just be me who thinks they are not cute anymore.)


Only two have died, one Sunday morning and one this morning.  The rest seem to be doing fine though. 🙂


General is doing really well with the chicks. I think he is more interested in trying to eat the chick feed then watch the chicks!


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Arrival of the Chickens


This morning my broiler chickies arrived! I haven’t taken care of chickens this young (the chickens we had before were my brothers), so I’m learning a lot. It’s fun though, and they are so cute!


Since we haven’t had chickens for awhile, my dad and brother remodeled the coop for us so that we could use it as a brooding room for the broilers. I’ll have to move them out into our little sheep shed in three or four weeks because Gabrielle is getting her flock, and they’ll need the coop.


Our Great Pyrenees dog is doing really well around them, although we aren’t quite sure what he thinks of them though.

Maybe “These peeping noisy things look like a yummy snack”, or “Oh dear, more things to guard. My, they sure are noisy little ones” *sigh*.

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~ Elisabeth


Easter Egg Cookies


We have a favorite tradition for Easter. No, it’s not dyeing eggs, or having an Easter egg hunt, although that does sound fun! Every year we make our classic cut-out cookies, bake them into egg shapes, and frost them with pastel colors.



We each have a role in the process: Mom makes the dough, Elisabeth bakes the cookies, Kerstin makes the frosting, and then all three of us girls frost them, and Gabrielle adds the M&Ms.



Here’s a sample of all the colors of frosting that we mixed up this weekend.



Elisabeth made this tie dye style cookie. So pretty!



One year as a joke, we frosted a dozen of the cookies like this fried egg one, and added a sprinkle of sugar and finely crushed instant coffee to look like salt and pepper. They were a big hit!



We have shared this recipe a few times on our blog already, so you can find it here (Christmas cookies) and here (autumn cookies).


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~Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle