Arrival of the Chickens


This morning my broiler chickies arrived! I haven’t taken care of chickens this young (the chickens we had before were my brothers), so I’m learning a lot. It’s fun though, and they are so cute!


Since we haven’t had chickens for awhile, my dad and brother remodeled the coop for us so that we could use it as a brooding room for the broilers. I’ll have to move them out into our little sheep shed in three or four weeks because Gabrielle is getting her flock, and they’ll need the coop.


Our Great Pyrenees dog is doing really well around them, although we aren’t quite sure what he thinks of them though.

Maybe “These peeping noisy things look like a yummy snack”, or “Oh dear, more things to guard. My, they sure are noisy little ones” *sigh*.

Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~ Elisabeth


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