Modest Spring Fashion Outfit #3


My third spring outfit is actually a dress, not a skirt and top combination like usual. The gray and black knit material makes this dress perfect for the months between winter and summer, and I think it will be wonderful this fall, too!


So, I must tell you about this wonderful bargain!! We girls and Mom were at Sears a few weeks ago, and I was casually sifting through a few of the winter clearance racks with no intention of purchasing anything. Then I spied this dress. The chic details of it immediately caught my attention: my favorites are the soft cowl neckline, the subtle high-low hem, and the short ruched sleeves. I must tell you, the ruching on the sleeves sealed the deal. And for $20, I surely couldn’t go wrong!


This dress did come with it’s own belt, but it wasn’t just right, so I borrowed a belt from a different dress in my wardrobe.


These classic black heels were perfect for drawing the outfit together. I just bought them last week at Payless Shoes for about $22. Besides being super comfortable, they are the perfect height (about 2 1/2″), in my opinion. While I love wearing 4-inch or taller heels sometimes, most of the time I don’t want the extra height.


And I curled my hair again for fun.


You can see the ruching of the sleeves a bit better in this photo.


When General interrupted the photo shoot, I had to stop and give him some kisses. ❤

He’s the best dog ever!!

Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!



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