Articulated Tandem Bike


A couple days ago Elisabeth and I were going through our bikes and we found a teal bike missing a front wheel. The idea came upon us that we should try making a tandem bike by attaching the two front rods (forks) of the teal bike to the back axle of Elisabeth’s old blue bike. We hauled the project to Dad and this is what we got. 🙂


First, here are the two bikes that we used.


This was Elisabeth’s old bike…she really liked it, but it wasn’t working very well, so it was pretty easy to convince her to use it in this project! hehehe…


Dad started out by bending the two rods (forks) on the teal bike apart so that they would fit around the back axle of the blue bike.


Then he made the bottom portion parallel to hook on the axle.


This done, he cut the nut that was holding the frame of the blue bike to its back wheel in half so that two nuts could fit on the bolt.


He then attached the two front rods of the teal bike unto the bolt, screwed the nut into place..


Tightened the nuts, and…


the finished product! It is articulated, so it is a bit harder to learn to ride. But I think Elisabeth and I have almost gotten the hang of it. We have only fallen off once, and that was on the grass. 🙂

Thanks for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~ Gabrielle and Elisabeth


2 thoughts on “Articulated Tandem Bike

  1. Very cool. I’ve been thinking about options for how to design and build a tandem, and I love your idea because it’s so cheap. 🙂 But it sounds like other folks have had stability problems with similar setups; have you ridden it any more? Do you find it workable in practice?

    • Hi Russ! We did ride it more and became quite skilled at it!! However, after quite a bit of use, the middle tire began wearing against the frame of the front bicycle. Dad hasn’t had a chance to repair it yet, but he will look into it as soon as spring planting is over. We hope it’s in good working condition soon so we can ride it to our summer job!
      Thank you for visiting our blog!!
      Elisabeth and Gabrielle

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