Broiler chicken Update: 4 weeks


Earlier this week, I moved my broiler chickens into the sheep shelter that we converted to a temporary chicken coop. Previously they were in the chicken coop with Gabrielle’s chickens but in a separate area of course. The sheep shelter is really better suited for warmer weather; it has been colder this week so I’ve had to hang tarps to keep some of the heat in. It looks very makeshift, but at least they’re warm!


From the fifty-two chicks I started with, there are forty-five left. Most of the fatalities were from heart problems, which is common in this breed of broiler. Still, it is really, really sad to see them die.


They have grown most of their feathers; a week ago they looked pretty awful because they were quite bald!


Last week I started mixing a finisher/grower feed in with their starter feed. (I didn’t want to change their feed to a finisher right away because it could mess up their growing.) Now they are completely on the finisher/grower, and I’m thinking of putting another feeder in for them! They LOVE to eat. When they are five weeks, I’ll start restricting their feed. Most broiler growers start restricting feed at 2-3 weeks, but my uncle told me to do it at five weeks. And since he raises 200 broilers per year, I think I’ll take his advice! At least until I figure out differently. 😉

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