Chocolate Caramel Layer Cake



Weeks ago, I made this layer cake. Too bad it was so long ago, because I really could eat a large piece right now! This cake was three layers, with chocolate buttercream frosting and caramel sauce on top.


I used two yellow cakes (this is a moist recipe) and a fudge chocolate cake (I found a delicious fudge cake recipe here and I also used the frosting from here) Oh, and the caramel sauce was from The Sister’s Cafe, it is seriously “the best caramel sauce eva”!


I put the chocolate cake (in case you’re wondering, I made two chocolate layers, but one never made it to the cake because we ate it) on the bottom and covered it in chocolate buttercream frosting. Then I set one of the yellow cakes on next, gave it a crumb coat around the edges, and put a layer of caramel sauce on top. I put the last layer on, crumb coated it, and went to check on my chickens. When I returned, I smothered the whole cake in the remaining frosting and let that dry for a bit.


Then I poured the remaining caramel sauce over the cake. It dribbled down the sides and hardened there beautifully.




We cut the cake in the evening, so the photo quality wasn’t superb. But the cake was! And really, it wouldn’t have been worth it to wait until the next morning to cut it just so ya’ll could see a perfect picture of it!



The cakes were moist, the frosting rich, and the caramel sauce smooth and delicate. Next time I’m going to put caramel sauce between each layer 🙂



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