Meat Bird Update: 7 weeks


Y’all, these are seven week old meat birds. Don’t they look nice? They will be around here one more week; my dad set up a tentative appointment next Saturday for the inevitable butchering. I do feel sad…these guys have been in my life everyday for the past (almost) two months. I’ve fed them, cleaned their coop, cried over the birds who died and buried them, cleaned their coop, weighed them, talked to them, cleaned their coop, cleaned their coop, cleaned their coop, and I don’t believe I have ever once told them they were for meat. But everyone else has!


Dad separated these two birds from the rest of the flock because they had leg problems. He put them in the kiddie pool that we used for the chickens when they first came. (Yesterday we had to put another bird in because it was getting picked on; so now there are three birds in the pool!) Kerstin says it looks like these birds are at the beach 😉


I’ve really enjoyed raising these fellas. 🙂 I’m planning on raising one more batch, since I’ve got leftover feed. There are a couple changes I’ll make, one is changing the starter feed from a turkey starter to a broiler starter. And I’ll have to buy a small electric fan to keep the birds cooler since they’ll be trying to live through July and August, our warmest months!


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