Transplanting Raspberries


Earlier this spring, when we were just starting to mow lawn, our raspberry bushes were putting out new shoots. They do this every year, but this time we decided to dig some shoots up and transplant them to an area that hasn’t been growing anything but grass for awhile ūüėČ


The first step was¬†to pull the grass out of the spot that wasn’t growing any raspberries.


After that, I bent the shovel several times while trying to dig up the raspberry shoots!


For every small shoot, I dug up a large clump of grass. It turned out to be frustrating and monotonous work!


At one point I turned around to see Gabrielle and General teasing Calvin by covering him with the long grass I had dug up! He takes teasing so well….actually he looks really mad.


After a while I had a good pile to replant, so I replanted the grass


and then planted the raspberry shoots.


This is now a month later. Some of the shoots I planted didn’t make it, so Dad planted some more recently. They don’t look too hopeful either, but then maybe¬†time will tell if they have the heart to survive.




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~ Elisabeth



The Vegetable Garden


This year’s vegetable garden is actually doing really well in spite of all the rain. I thought I might show you what we planted in it!


The lettuce is flourishing; it is so good to eat in our salads ūüôā The mint (in the background) ¬†is doing well too. It always does. Gabrielle put mulch on it to try to hinder it’s growth this year, but it is fighting its way up!


Next to the lettuce, we planted squash (background) ¬†and watermelon (foreground).¬†Although we haven’t had squash beetles attacking the blossoms, our squash plants haven’t done well in the past years. Hopefully it produces squash this year though! We probably should have gotten two squash and two watermelon, but we didn’t know if we would have room.


We love fresh onions. The taste, ah, it’s so good!


No garden is complete without tomatoes! We have seven, three cherry bushes, and four large tomato bushes. We also planted a bit of basil between each tomato plant.


Nathaniel and Gabrielle planted two double rows of peas, which are doing nicely. Well, they¬†do need weeded and they need something to start climbing on, but otherwise… ūüôā


Peppers, they rarely do well in our garden. We keep planting them though, because one year they did really well, and that’s what we remember.


In the foreground stand the green beans; in the background stand the purple beans. The latter are a bit crowded, which shows that I planted them because when I plant seeds I tend to plant them heavy! I’ve made this recipe from the Taste of Home magazine using our asparagus, but I’ve been thinking I’d like to try beans in it! If I do, I’ll try to remember to post it. I think we need more main course recipes on the blog, right? ūüėČ

The beets are behind the purple beans; they are planted heavy too.


Ah, the sweet corn. We haven’t had sweet corn in our garden for years. But Nathaniel has remedied that by planting 6-8 rows and leaving them in our care. Such a sweet brother.


Here are two¬†zucchini squash and a cucumber in the back. They are doing well, there isn’t really anything special about them yet!


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~ Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle


Second Batch of Broiler Meat Chickens


Last Wednesday, my second batch of Broiler meat bird chicks arrived. Now they are over a week old, which means they are starting to grow feathers. I really missed having chickens for that one week after the last flock left and before this flock arrived!


I was a little¬†nervous about getting more meat birds, since I lost (8, to be precise) so many during the first batch. Dad and Nathaniel figured that the first flock had too much protein in their starter feed (which would result in heart failure¬†and¬†the majority of the eight died from that), so they suggested I feed¬†this present batch a different starter.¬†So I did some math and figured out protein percentages and came up with a lower percentage of protein. ūüėČ So far I haven’t had any die from heart failure, and on the previous batch they started dying after Day 4.


One¬†morning I let one little¬†Calvin (otherwise known as Charlie) into the pool.¬†He wasn’t very interested in the chicks, just their food ūüėČ


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Chicken Sandwiches


A chicken salad sandwich for a Saturday night meal sounds so lovely, doesn’t it? Kind of something a Grace Livingston Hill character would make! This past weekend Mom and I¬†used some leftover chicken (and, yes, it was from one of my chickens ūüôā ) from our fridge and made some delicious sandwiches for supper.


I don’t know how much chicken there was, after all, we were using leftovers! Before I mixed a couple spoonfuls of miracle whip (mayonnaise might¬†taste better) in¬†with the chicken, I shredded the chicken. Then I added seasonings, and spread it on perfectly toasted toast.


We had some tomatoes, so I sliced those and then put a handful of fresh lettuce from our garden on. If I hadn’t had the tomatoes, I might have added grapes, but although I know I would have liked it, I’m not sure what the family would have thought of it!!


These sandwiches were so satisfying, and it is always a good feeling to know that you’ve used from your supplies ūüėČ


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Green Bay Bullfrogs


This past Thursday, Mom and Dad took us girls to our hometown Bullfrogs baseball game!


It was an early birthday present for me, and it was extra special because the Bullfrogs were playing the Duluth Huskies.


Huddle time!


Heading out to the field..


The Huskies scored their only two¬†points during the time we were there.(We did’t stay for the whole game)


The Bullfrogs pulled ahead with a home run in the 4th inning though!


It was super fun and the finishing score was Bullfrogs 6 Huskies 2!!

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~ Gabrielle