Modcloth Dress Review


Two weeks ago I purchased a few dresses from Modcloth. This is my favorite of the three, but I will share the others another day. When I first tried it on, I fell in love with the classic style and chic polka dot print. The length is modest and retro, and the neckline is feminine and pretty. I love fit-and-flare style dresses because they are so flattering; they are considered a staple in 50’s-era wardrobes. I felt like it was a good addition to my collection of classic-modern dresses!


The dress itself is very well made; the material feels like it is good quality, and the stitching seems durable. The only concern I have at all is that the washing directions are hand wash only. So I plan to be careful when I am wearing it, and wash it as gently and infrequently as possible. After reading other reviews on this dress, I guessed that the size small would be about right, and I was pleased to find that it fits me perfectly!



The little bow and the button-down front are some of my favorite details. The dress actually has a zipper in the back, which is much nicer than having to deal with all those buttons (that might have killed me!).



I chose my favorite black heels to complete the look. They’re classy, and added just enough extra height without making me too tall.



As usual, I have my hair in curls, half pinned up in the back. I teased my hair a little bit at the top just to add some volume.



Overall, I am extremely pleased with my purchase from Modcloth! I will most definitely be ordering from their website again. If you have ever ordered from Modcloth or any similar online boutique, I would love to hear about your experience!


Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!




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