Chicken Sandwiches


A chicken salad sandwich for a Saturday night meal sounds so lovely, doesn’t it? Kind of something a Grace Livingston Hill character would make! This past weekend Mom and I used some leftover chicken (and, yes, it was from one of my chickens 🙂 ) from our fridge and made some delicious sandwiches for supper.


I don’t know how much chicken there was, after all, we were using leftovers! Before I mixed a couple spoonfuls of miracle whip (mayonnaise might taste better) in with the chicken, I shredded the chicken. Then I added seasonings, and spread it on perfectly toasted toast.


We had some tomatoes, so I sliced those and then put a handful of fresh lettuce from our garden on. If I hadn’t had the tomatoes, I might have added grapes, but although I know I would have liked it, I’m not sure what the family would have thought of it!!


These sandwiches were so satisfying, and it is always a good feeling to know that you’ve used from your supplies 😉


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