Second Batch of Broiler Meat Chickens


Last Wednesday, my second batch of Broiler meat bird chicks arrived. Now they are over a week old, which means they are starting to grow feathers. I really missed having chickens for that one week after the last flock left and before this flock arrived!


I was a little nervous about getting more meat birds, since I lost (8, to be precise) so many during the first batch. Dad and Nathaniel figured that the first flock had too much protein in their starter feed (which would result in heart failure and the majority of the eight died from that), so they suggested I feed this present batch a different starter. So I did some math and figured out protein percentages and came up with a lower percentage of protein. 😉 So far I haven’t had any die from heart failure, and on the previous batch they started dying after Day 4.


One morning I let one little Calvin (otherwise known as Charlie) into the pool. He wasn’t very interested in the chicks, just their food 😉


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