Transplanting Raspberries


Earlier this spring, when we were just starting to mow lawn, our raspberry bushes were putting out new shoots. They do this every year, but this time we decided to dig some shoots up and transplant them to an area that hasn’t been growing anything but grass for awhile 😉


The first step was to pull the grass out of the spot that wasn’t growing any raspberries.


After that, I bent the shovel several times while trying to dig up the raspberry shoots!


For every small shoot, I dug up a large clump of grass. It turned out to be frustrating and monotonous work!


At one point I turned around to see Gabrielle and General teasing Calvin by covering him with the long grass I had dug up! He takes teasing so well….actually he looks really mad.


After a while I had a good pile to replant, so I replanted the grass


and then planted the raspberry shoots.


This is now a month later. Some of the shoots I planted didn’t make it, so Dad planted some more recently. They don’t look too hopeful either, but then maybe time will tell if they have the heart to survive.




Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~ Elisabeth



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