Blueberry Pies for the Fourth


Usually when we make pies, all of us girls work on it together. Mom mixes the pastry, I roll out the crusts, and everyone helps with the filling. But this time I decided to tackle the project on my own. Blueberry pies, with star cut-outs to make them extra patriotic! My crust turned out decent; of course, it will probably never be as perfect as Mom’s crust. *sigh*  Maybe someday I’ll at least get close to it though!



The filling was perfect: not too sweet or runny, but with no “cornstarch” flavor. Quite excellent, if I may say so.

The blueberry pie with crumb topping was voted as the favorite. I think that’s because of the extra sweetness from the brown sugar/butter/oats mixture. In a few places, the edge of the crust was a little.. er.. rough. So I used an leftover scrap of pastry and cut out little stars to cover the not-so-pretty spots.



I love how the crumb topping gives the pie a rustic yet almost elegant finish.



For the double-crust pie, I dotted a bit of milk onto the crust and sprinkled sugar over the milk. It browned beautifully and had a hint of sparkle from the sugar.


Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!





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