The Grasshopper Post


Every so often, we find little pieces of this world that teach us something about science and remind us of how amazing and detailed God’s creation is! The other day when Elisabeth and I were moving some metal shelving pieces, we found this tiny grasshopper exoskeleton. Apparently, it’s occupant had outgrown this fragile piece, and had moved on.



We marveled at the extreme details of the paper-thin cover. The little coverings for the grasshopper’s compound eyes; the tiny, tiny feelers on the back of the leg coverings; the ruffled design along the wings.



Later we showed Dad, and it took us a long time to convince him that the grasshopper had molted and left this behind. Apparently he didn’t know that grasshoppers and similar insects undergo incomplete metamorphosis, meaning they must molt numerous times before reaching adulthood.



It was so neat to find this little piece of a grasshopper’s history. Having read about this process almost every year in school, it was fun to see proof of it!




Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~Kerstin and Elisabeth


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