Second Batch of Meat Chickens Update: 4 Weeks


The meat birds are doing good! They are growing their feathers, but their heads are still fluffy and cute 😉 I have two hanging feeders and a little feeder in the pen for them, but I want to buy another hanging feeder since they are crowding the three present feeders. I’ve been waiting to see if it goes on sale at Fleet Farm, and it finally has. Yay!

Take notice: (These pictures were actually from last week, when the chickens were three weeks old. But I never got around to posting them…the birds look much different now-bigger and they are almost completely feathered out. )


When they are almost three and a half weeks old, I start to run out of their starter feed. On Saturday I mixed the remaining starter in with an equal portion of the finisher/grower mash so that they can get used to eating a mash. The feed weight that I mixed was approximately seventy pounds, and it took maybe four days to feed out!

Speaking of weight, yesterday I weighed four of the chickens that are in the big pen. They averaged three pounds each!



Three birds have leg problems. The chicken on the right has it the worst; I try to keep her comfortable- picking her up to take her to the water, but otherwise letting her be. I feel so bad for her! One of these chickens had a heart attack on Monday, so now there are three. It was the first bird that I’ve lost from the batch.



I like to take Miss Kitty down to the coop with me. She likes to terrify the birds. Haha, you wouldn’t think that of her because she looks so sweet!



I tried to get them to eat lettuce….

“Hmm, what is THAT in the feeder?” squawks the guy on the left.

“Dunno, but it’s in my way. I just want the food,” his relative grunted.



“No matter. We shall stomp on it and eat the real food.” replies the first fellow.

I sure do hope that they are just a little too young for the greens and that they’ll eat them in a couple weeks!


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