Black Australorp Chicken Update


Since the last post, we put up a pen for the chickens, and I’ve started feeding them some corn.


And I’ll toss in some clover and lettuce from the garden. 🙂


This is Wanda. She prefers not to be noticed, but if other chickens start pecking at me, she will make them stop.


And this is Sniper. She loves to annoy me, but is very sweet.


Lud, the meanest of the three roosters.


Red, the dueling gentleman.


Rooster no. 3 (he has no name yet) photobombing a picture of the hens. 🙂

Thanks for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~ Gabrielle


7 thoughts on “Black Australorp Chicken Update

  1. I like the name Harold! The other names are really cool too. I usually name the chickens anything that comes to mind and sounds right. 🙂 I have a little hen who is completely black– feet, face, and feathers. Midnight might be a good name for her..

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