The Front Garden Remodel Part 1


About a year ago, we finally got around to starting to redo the garden in front of our house. We were tired of the tiger lilies, tired of the empty spaces where we never planted anything, and especially tired of the wood border! We want to show you the changes we made, although we haven’t really finished it because we haven’t decided on what plants to finally put in! I think since this was such a big project, I’ll need to split the post into several posts! So here is Part 1, of redoing our front garden….

In our garden there were tiger lilies, day lilies, and irises that need split up; flox that needed dug out and empty spaces that needed filled! And there were morning glories that just kept spreading.


We hardly knew where to start, but really, it was very simple. Take the flox out! I got that job 🙂 I never liked the flox!


The irises we uprooted and layed them out in the sun to dry. Then we stored them in the garage; most likely we will plant them this fall!


We took the tiger lilies (on the left) completely out and planted them in an orchard in the woods. I haven’t checked to see if they are still there (the deer might have gotten them!). Then we split the day lilies up and put a group on equal sides of the garden. Gabrielle got excited and started ripping boards out too!


When we had completed the job, we spread mulch over it all to keep the wind from blowing the dirt away. We left the morning glories, and some petunias, the day lilies, and a butterfly bush (down at the far end). The latter had been hidden under the tiger lilies a little.


Here are the day lilies in their new home. Next week we will publish Part 2 in this series of re-doing the front flower bed!

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This Part 3 in a four part series documenting re-doing our flower bed in front of our house.

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


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