Summer Sunday Fashion


It’s no secret that we girls love dressing up, especially on Sundays! On Saturday nights, we sort through each other’s closets and generously advise each other on what to wear. Here is the outfit that I assembled this past Sunday:



My pink v-neck ruffle shirt is Candie’s brand from Kohls. I fell in love with it’s bright color and feminine style, and it was on clearance for $8.00. I just couldn’t go wrong, now could I?



The skirt is Worthington brand, originally from JCPenney’s, but I found it at a thrift store for $7. What a deal! I love its straight-cut style and subtle plaid print. The faux belt is another favorite detail. I’m sure I’ll be wearing it a great deal this fall… imagine it with a cranberry blazer perhaps?



Check out those shoes! That’s right, they are my favorite black heels from Payless Shoes. They cost $21 brand new, but I’ve used them so much this summer that they hardly cost anything now.

(Please tell me that I’m not the only girl who divides the cost of an item by the number of times she wears it!! It must be the economist in me.)



I wore my hair in no-heat curls over night. In the morning I loosened the curls and divided them into a few sections. Then I twisted them into several “mini buns” and pinned them up. I added a healthy splash of hairspray to hold it together and a white bow clip with gold polka dots.


DSCN9886 (1)


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