The Front Garden Remodel Part 3

This Part 3 in a four part series documenting re-doing our flower bed in front of our house. Part 1 Part 2 



Our front garden was looking very nice after putting fill in and smoothing it out. The kittens enjoyed playing in it, and we enjoyed admiring our hard work! But we had to finish the garden, so we bought lawn edging and proceed to bury it!


First we dug a straight trench along the route we wanted to bury the edging. I had never done this before, but I thought it would be simple. Haha, it is, kind of, but it goes a lot easier when there are two people!


After making a few adjustments to our trench, Gabrielle and I started to lay the edging in. It helped if one of us held the edging down in the ground even after burying it, because then it wouldn’t come back up while we were trying to straighten the rest of the edging out!


We realized halfway through the project that we laid the edging a little crooked, but it gives it character, right?


Before we finished, Gabrielle cut the extra edging off. She used some heavy duty cutters that she found in Dad’s tool box 🙂



We finally finished burying the edging.


After picking up the tools we used, we got the seeds out to plant. 🙂 This year we planted zinnias- Cut and Come Again, Thumbelinas, and Envy. We want to put more perennials in, but for this year we went with the zinnias so that there would be some color in the garden!

In the next post I’ll show you some more pictures of the final look. Well, at least it’s final for this year!

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This Part 3 in a four part series documenting re-doing our flower bed in front of our house.

Part 1

Part 2 

Part 4


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