Autumn Lanterns

IMG_2985_fotor DSCN2083_fotor DSCN3016_fotor DSCN3017_fotor

Saturday evening, when we girls slept out in our gazebo, we lit three of Mom’s fall lanterns and set out there for a cozy light.  We put tea lights in each lantern, and they burned well into the night.

Moses, a little kitten that Mom and General found in the ditch on a morning walk last week, loves to sleep out in the gazebo with us:) That has made for some fond memories- one time I was dreaming I was eating apple pie, and I woke up and Moses was playing/biting my lips! Ugh. Another time I woke up because he was purring in my ear. Then I realized that he had crawled up unto my arms and curled up for a nap. He is so sweet!


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