Lunar Eclipse

We all enjoyed watching last night’s supermoon and lunar eclipse! I had a lot of fun taking pictures too 🙂 It was the first time I had ever tried to take pictures of the moon, so they aren’t the best quality. (Sorry that the moon keeps bouncing around in the eclipse photos)

DSCN3574_fotor DSCN3573_fotor IMG_0037_fotor IMG_0042_fotor IMG_0072_fotor IMG_0085_fotor IMG_0097_fotor IMG_0102_fotor IMG_0111_fotor IMG_0124_fotor IMG_0132_fotor IMG_0147_fotor IMG_0158_fotor IMG_0164_fotor IMG_0172_fotor IMG_0178_fotor IMG_0187_fotor IMG_0201_fotor IMG_0217_fotor IMG_0223_fotor IMG_0227_fotor IMG_0244_fotor DSCN3588_fotor DSCN3589_fotor

(The last three pictures are from this morning, as the moon set over the treetops.)

General and I were the last of the family to go to bed. We sat out on the deck watching the stars disappear from the sky as the earth’s shadow drifted off the moon. It was a wonderful experience!

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