Lettuce in October


We have lettuce, in the garden, in October! I planted it in August; but then we got some heavy rains and I thought the seeds had been drowned out. A couple weeks later though, little lettuce plants were coming up! I have picked the patch twice, each time thinking that it would be the last time because of the cold. Every evening though, I go out and cover it so that it doesn’t catch a chill; I really enjoy just having one spot to care for in the garden 🙂


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Apple Pies




It was so much fun making apple pies with Kerstin (and Gabrielle, who helped wash up the dishes 😉 ) Saturday afternoon. When we first were learning to bake and cook, we would do it together. But now when we help each other in the kitchen, one of us is always “in charge” of the meal. I think that is what made this project so fun; we did it together like old times.

About the pies. We didn’t bake them up right away, but instead put all four into the freezer. Later, when all the apples are gone, we can enjoy apple pie! I’ve had this idea in mind for awhile now. The only thing we aren’t sure of, is if we need to let the pies thaw out before baking them; or if we can put them right in the oven! Any advice you can give us on this?!


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~ Elisabeth


Soybean Harvest

DSCN3728_fotor DSCN3747_fotor

Dad finished harvesting the soybeans here on the home farm. There are a couple fields in the area that need combined, and then the soybean harvest will be over. One interesting thing this year about the harvest, is that we haven’t gotten a frost yet! Because of this, the bean stalks are still green (they haven’t died down completely). The stalks become lodged in the reel and plug it up. Although this doesn’t damage the combine, it does make combining difficult.


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