The Cats On Our Farm


I don’t believe we have ever told you about our cats! Tis a shame, because they are the finest farm cats to be found. This morning, they were sitting on the deck enjoying the sunshine and looking very handsome. I had to get some pictures…it was just as if they were waiting at the portrait studio!

We will began with Peaches, who is pictured above. She is my kitty and is eleven years old. She used to be the top cat around here, but because of her age, she has abdicated the throne. Or the other cats have pushed her off; they are very greedy for power. Peaches likes to hang around down by the machine shed, where she can find a warm spot to sleep and mice to eat.



This is Martha, Kerstin’s cat. She and her brothers and sisters were born on July 4th, and she was named after Martha Washington. Martha is the proud mama of four fuzzy kittens, and is quite protective of them. She has a grumpy meow, and so do her kittens!


Aw, Calvin! Calvin is one of Martha’s kittens from four or five years ago. We name all our orange kittens Calvin, and I think he is Calvin IV. He didn’t start hunting mice seriously until he was two, but now he is our best mouser! He is also mom’s favorite cat 😉


The black cat on the ledge is Moses, the newest member of the family. Mom and General found him in the summer while they were on a walk. Well, he kinda found them, because he ran up out of the ditch and right up to General! No one claimed him so he has stayed here. Moses is full of energy, which annoys the other cats. At least he and the kittens get along really well 🙂




As before mentioned, Martha has four fuzzy kittens. Jedediah (Calvin XXI), Octavius (the black kitty), Scotcheroo, and Sacajawea (both tortoiseshells). They are so playful, and fast!


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Thanksgiving Dinner






We had a lovely Thanksgiving day. It was cloudy and rainy and cold, which made everyone glad to be inside. Our dad’s birthday was on Thursday too, so we had a special breakfast of baked french toast! (We don’t usually eat breakfast on Thanksgiving) Then mother prepared the turkey, and we started a new puzzle- Grandma’s Kitchen.  

The turkey was done about five, and after Dad carved it we sat down to eat. Now in case you are wondering, we did eat our dinner off real plates; but I didn’t get a picture of the meal until Friday evening, when we were using paper plates for the leftovers 😉


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Thanksgiving Preparation




This morning we were busy in the kitchen beginning the Thanksgiving meal preparations. After Mom cooked the stuffing, we made two pies– sour cream and raisin, and pumpkin. The pie crust for the sour cream ‘n’ raisin pie turned out beautifully! Earlier this fall, Kerstin and I made apple pies and froze them; so we will also have an apple pie 🙂

The cranberry sauce was made too. While I was stirring the cranberries in, I realized that I didn’t double the recipe! 😐 But I think we will have enough for tomorrow…as long as it doesn’t get sampled too much


Corn Harvest


Last week Dad started to harvest the corn in the fields behind our house. Over the weekend we got quite a bit of rain which made the fields too wet for farming. But yesterday and today were in the high sixties and sunny, and the fields dried up enough for Dad to start combining again! On the right of the bottom picture is the a tractor and two gravity wagons. Dad unloads the corn from the combine into the gravity wagons, then takes the gravity wagons up to the yard to unload into the grain bin. This evening there wasn’t much wind, so the dust from the fields hung in the air; it made the sunset look so pretty!


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