Holiday Sale


Our shop, The Country Bluebird, is having a sale this week. We should have told y’all about this earlier!  Anyhow, use coupon code COZYCHRISTMAS10 to get 10% off your order; the coupon expires Saturday.

Below is a selection of the items we sell in our shop.


Christmas dishcloths and scrubby set. Since we wash all our dishes by hand, there is always a good supply of seasonal dishcloths on hand 🙂 The scrubbies are a new item in our shop, and we plan on adding more!


No matter what time of year, hair flowers are a lovely accessory. Red for Christmas, pink for Valentine’s day, green for St. Patrick’s Day, yellow and purple for spring, orange for late summer.


The hot pads and dishcloth set is also new to our shop. Hot pad sets are available too.


Hunting season may be over, but this blaze orange outfit would still be fun to buy for your little one. They will show up pretty easily in it!


You don’t want any ole napkin lining your breadbasket at your breakfast table, do you? Why not invest in a few seasonal breadbasket napkins that will not only keep the bread warm while the guests gather around the table, but it will also be a festive decoration!


These notebooks are so much fun to use. Imagine writing your to-do list in this coffee jotter! It will make that to-do list exciting!


These snowman napkins are the perfect size to tuck into your sweetie’s lunch box. Or if you want something for your Christmas brunch, why not poinsettia napkins and a tablecloth?!

The coupon code runs until the end of the week, which gives you time to think it over and procrastinate a bit 😉


Thank you for visiting A Homespun Country Life!

~ the Country Bluebird



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