Valentine’s Day M&M Cookies



The perfect snack to take on a road trip is cookies. The perfect cookie for this week is pink, red, and white M&M cookies for Valentine’s Day. And we are taking a road trip soon, so yes, we need cookies!

I made cookie dough yesterday, and froze half of it for Kerstin and Gabrielle to bake up before we leave. The other half I baked up because if I made cookies and didn’t bake any up it just wouldn’t be healthy around here…

I am not going to share a recipe today since everybody has their own recipe for chocolate chip/M&M cookies. But I do want to tell you about our road trip (it really isn’t long enough to be considered a road trip though)  because Gabrielle and I will be blogging about it when we get back 🙂  We are going to Marquette, MI, to see the UP200, a sled dog race which starts in Marquette, runs to Grand Marais, and then back to Marquette.  It’ll be good to get away for a bitand to see some dog mushing!


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