Meat Bird Chicks


This morning Gabrielle and I got our first batch of meat bird chickies! The chicks are doing good; eating, chirping, and bumping each other over in their hurry to get to and fro.       The weather is quite cold and windy, but so far we have been able to keep the coop warm and the pool temperature at ninety degrees. The pool is keeping its heat well, but the coop isn’t since it is not insulated. We’ll just have to keep a close eye on the chicks, because if they get cold, they will trample each other for space under the heat lamps.

We have been working hard the past week to get the coop ready for the chicks. Gabrielle and I have learned a lot (it feels like that, at least!) from Dad as we have watched and helped him build a front for the coop, walls inside it, as well as wiring for outlets and lights. Last night Dad and I finished the side of the coop that the chicks are now on; all that is left (for now) is to complete the dividing wall on the opposite side of the coop.


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