Egg Shell Planters


This post has been a few weeks in the making, but I am finally sharing it with you  🙂 Mom saw this idea of egg shell planters on another blog, and I couldn’t wait to try it this spring!

To make the egg planters, I cut the tops off raw eggs and poured the eggs into a mixing bowl. (We made scrambled eggs that night for supper) Then I boiled the eggshells  to sanitize them, dried them off, and set them aside until I was ready to plant.

I was so excited to plant seeds! The first ones that I wanted to plant were green and white onions. When I took the carton of eggshells outside to fill them with soil, General thought the eggshells were treats for him 😉 He made sure they all got slobbered on!

I used a nail to make a drainage whole in the bottom of each shell before filling it with dirt and a few seeds. The onion seeds took only a few days to sprout, and they are growing very fast. I think I will have to transplant them into other containers, since we have about two more months until we can actually plant outside.

The eggshell planters were so fun to make, and I will definitely make more to plant zinnias in.


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Lettuce in October


We have lettuce, in the garden, in October! I planted it in August; but then we got some heavy rains and I thought the seeds had been drowned out. A couple weeks later though, little lettuce plants were coming up! I have picked the patch twice, each time thinking that it would be the last time because of the cold. Every evening though, I go out and cover it so that it doesn’t catch a chill; I really enjoy just having one spot to care for in the garden 🙂


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Cheery Sunflowers


This past spring I planted some more sunflowers. It’s my second year of growing them. 🙂


The one plant that thrived this year was actually self-planted from last year! It got quite tall and has put off some beautiful blooms.


The bumble bees and Gold Finches have really been enjoying them too.


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~ Gabrielle