Favorite Books


There is so much relaxation in curling up with a good book. Most times I prefer plunging into a fictional book world than doing anything else.

Here are four books that have nestled their way into my favorites.

Last of the Breed by Louis L’Amourthis is most likely my very favorite. This book takes place during the Cold War.

While flying experimental aircraft in around Alaska, Major Joseph Mackatozi’s plane is forced down in Russia and he is taken to a Soviet prison camp. With the aid of another prisoner, he manages to escape from the camp and vanishes into the Siberian wilderness. Pursued by the Soviet army and skilled Yakut tracker Alekhin, Joe Mack zig-zags across Siberia with one desperate hope in mind: to reach and cross the Bering Strait to home.

White Fang by Jack London- a touching story about what the healing powers love and affection can do to a dog turned ferocious by a man’s cruelty.

Half-wolf, half-dog, White Fang grows up in an Alaskan Indian village. Through the course of time, White Fang is unknowingly traded to Beauty Smith, a dog fighter. As White Fang fights to live in the dog fighting world, and he develops deep hate towards all men. When White Fang fights a bulldog and is nearly killed, he is rescued by Weedon Scott who works to gently restore White Fang’s trust in people.

Matagorda by Louis L’Amour- another Louis L’Amour favorite.

Tap Duvarney heads to Texas to join his friend in a cattle drive north. When he gets there, he finds his friend in an raging feud in which everyone must pick a side. Tap persists in getting a drive together, meanwhile fighting against the feud, struggling to round up the cattle, and racing against the hurricane gathering to strike southern Texas.

Smoky the Cow Horse by Will James- this one competes with Last of the Breed for 1# favorite place! 🙂

Smoky is a mouse colored horse born in the wild. As a colt he was captured and broken for riding. Clint, the cowboy who broke Smoky, develops special feelings for him and keeps Smoky as his own horse. One winter, Smoky, along with other horses, is stolen by a horse thief. Because Smoky won’t let the horse thief ride him, he gets several beatings and soon becomes a man-hater. After escaping back into the wild, he gets pick up by authorities and becomes a rodeo buckin’ bronco. His spirit and strength are broken, but when he is on his last legs, the one human who ever treated him decently finds and reclaims him.


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~ Gabrielle


Autumn Lanterns

IMG_2985_fotor DSCN2083_fotor DSCN3016_fotor DSCN3017_fotor

Saturday evening, when we girls slept out in our gazebo, we lit three of Mom’s fall lanterns and set out there for a cozy light.  We put tea lights in each lantern, and they burned well into the night.

Moses, a little kitten that Mom and General found in the ditch on a morning walk last week, loves to sleep out in the gazebo with us:) That has made for some fond memories- one time I was dreaming I was eating apple pie, and I woke up and Moses was playing/biting my lips! Ugh. Another time I woke up because he was purring in my ear. Then I realized that he had crawled up unto my arms and curled up for a nap. He is so sweet!


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Graduation Roses


Sunday morning Mom and Dad surprised me with a bouquet of beautiful pink roses for my graduation! Mom arranged them in a lovely blue pitcher and set them on the coffee table in the living room. Although the roses were tightly closed at first, they soon opened into rich, full flowers with a delicate fragrance.



They are so beautiful. The pink color gets deeper toward the center of each rose. Unfortunately, the photos can’t do them justice!




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Modest Spring Fashion Outfit #2

DSCN4860I think this spring outfit is perfect for the winter-spring transition, considering the somewhat darker color of the skirt. I wore this on St. Patrick’s Day, too, so I wouldn’t get pinched by a leprechaun. (It worked!!)

The skirt was a thrift store find for $5. It took me several minutes to decide if I liked it at first, and even as I took it to the checkout I had my doubts. So, really you could say it was an impulse that made me finally purchase it! I’m so glad I did now, because I love the length and fullness of it. The girls over at Skirtfixation would say it has great twirl potential!! I have tested it, and it definitely does. 🙂



The lacy cream top is one of my favorites from last summer. I found it on sale at Maurices for…let me think… about $10. I felt like it was the perfect top for this skirt because its fitted style contrasts well with the full skirt.

I borrowed the belt from another skirt I have, and it ties the outfit together. Literally. 😉



Like last time, I curled my hair overnight and followed the same method of fixing it this morning.



And the shoes! These cream heels are from Kohls. I bought them last spring to wear to my sister’s wedding, and they are still some of my favorites. I love the bow accents!


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Modest Spring Fashion Outfit #1


Sundays are the highlight of my week, for many reasons. One of the (less important) reasons is that I get to dress up and no one thinks I’m silly! We girls are always looking for classy, modest clothing; and if we can find it on sale, so much the better. This outfit captures all those essential qualities!



I found this gray A-line skirt at Sears. It was a bargain, a real bargain at $8, and I can’t get over the simple, classic style! I know I’ll be using it as a foundation for many outfits this spring. It comes to just below my knee, which gives the outfit a slightly vintage feel.



The peach cowl-neck top was another amazing deal! I found it at Shopko for $7, if I remember correctly. It combines comfort and classy perfectly, so it’s my new go-to spring top. The ruching on the sides makes it chic and slimming, and the lacy “cut-out” style in the back gives it a romantic look!




You might remember these shoes from this outfit that Elisabeth shared awhile back. It’s such a blessing to have sisters with the same size feet! 😉 The shoes contribute to the retro look, and help to pull the outfit together.



Last night I used a no-heat curling method in my hair. (Someday I’ll work up the courage to do a tutorial on this method, because it’s my favorite hair style!) This morning I took the curler out, ran my fingers through the curls to loosen them, and pinned the top part up. There was a considerable amount of hairspray involved as well!




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