Rearranging Bookcases


It’s no secret that since we youngest three girls stopped playing dolls, etc. in the family room, it has turned into a bit of a storage room. I won’t say exactly what all is in it, except that there are three bookcases full of books! And none of them match! When furniture doesn’t match or at least coordinate it makes the room feel less cozy, and then no one wants to spend any time there. So we decided to rearrange the bookcases as a start to mending the atmosphere in the “toy” room!


This bookcase, which was in the guest room closet, matches the tall bookcase in the family room. We exchanged them and we don’t know why we didn’t do it sooner!




As soon as we had this bookcase moved in and filled, the room started to feel more like a room instead of a place to store excess things. It was amazing how it just fixed the room! We still have a lot to do before this room is just right, but at least we’ve begun.

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Yarn Tote Organization Before and After


This tote was under my bed, and I used it for storing my yarn and a few other things. But I finally decided that this tote should only be for yarn. So I dumped it out on the floor…


and spread it out. Here are all the things that were in the tote (excluding the purple polkadot socks, which I forget to put in!) There is yarn, knitting needles, a journal (?), fabric, an unfinished sewing project, patterns, embroidery hoops, buttons, candles, and more yarn.


The yarn went back into the tote, because I didn’t have anything pretty for it to be put in to. Then I put away all the little things that were left…like the embroidery hoops and buttons, and some yarn that I didn’t want.



After that, all that was left was the candles and the journal, which I put into the pretty box above! I slipped the loose candles into the little sachet so that they were contained.


By the way, the candles’ scents altogether smell like candy. 🙂 Just thought you might like to know that. I added the pencils and more notebooks because they wanted to be by the yummy smelling candles. Well, okay I needed a place to put them. 🙂


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