For the first time in years, there is a carved pumpkin sitting out on our porch. Dad and I worked together to give this pumpkin his toothy grin. Mom let me borrow a candle holder from her stash, and now Jack is watching over our front porch each night. Our dog General thinks the pumpkin looks a bit strange when he’s glowing, so every now and then he steals the lid off the top and hides the candle holder.

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Our Autumn Decorating Tour


Back in September, when the first days of cold weather started creeping up on us, we decided to change our summer home decorations to autumn decor! We don’t do a lot of seasonal decorating, but just enough to make our home feel cozy and cheerful.


One of the first things to be changed each season is the garland that hangs above our patio door. In the summer we have this lovely morning glory garland, which is just the thing to add color and fulness without being too heavy.


Here is the rod, with nothing on at all. How scandalous!



Mom and Kerstin wrestled with autumn for several minutes, and this is the result!



Our autumn garland. It consists of three separate garlands, actually: two with simply leaves, and one with pine cones and berries and such.



Here is a view of it in the daylight.



The next thing to be changed was this bouquet of pink daisy-like flowers that Mom has adorning the cedar chest in our living room.



Poof!  A fairy came, touched them with her frost-wand, and now they are ready for the cool months ahead!



One more bouquet to be changed. This one is so pretty, like an armful of wildflowers.



And here is the new autumn bouquet for that vase. These flowers are displayed to the right side of our patio door.



We keep a decorative cutting board behind our stove top to add a fun seasonal look to our kitchen. This is our summer edition…



…and this is our new autumn edition! We also use dishtowels and hand towels that have a festive vibe, in order to keep dishwashing from being too boring.



And last of all, we hung this beautiful photo on the wall to the left of our patio doors. It has autumn colors, so it looks perfect next to the garland!


That’s all today for our autumn decorating tour! We will be sure to do a winter edition in a few months.

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~Kerstin, Elisabeth, and Gabrielle