March Snowstorm




“No, thank you, I prefer to have my breakfast as usual- in my house.” Moses meowed.


The snowstorm that hit the midwest moved in over our farm last night.  The snow is still coming down, and blowing too, so it is hard to tell how much snow we have actually gotten. Maybe 6-8 inches though. As usual, we have a very tall drift in front of the garage; I think we’ll wait to shovel it out until Dad gets home from work 🙂

We had plans today for getting together with a friend this afternoon to plant vegetable seeds and re-watch Iditarod videos, but because of the snow, that has been canceled 😥   Instead, we will work on schoolwork, and maybe I’ll finally get a chance to make a rhubarb pie!


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Fleece Pillow for the General


General got a pillow for his dog house this week. The straw that had been in his house was clinging to him and then it would fall off wherever he laid down– usually on the mat before the front door! There was very little straw left in the doghouse because of this, so we thought we should make him a pillow and see if he liked it.



I selected two fabrics for making the case, but General preferred the brown fleece over the blue minky. The case was a simple rectangle that was large enough for two old pillows stacked on top of each other.


I don’t know if General likes the pillow or not, (I think when he chews it up I’ll know he likes it) but the cats do 😐 Even though they have a nice house of their own, they seem to like his doghouse better.

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Ice Skating and Hockey


After all the flooding and freezing we have had, we now have a great ice rink out back. We had to shovel snow off it this morning, but by this afternoon it was really good ice again!


Elisabeth and I are really enjoying the chance to skate and play hockey. Or at least try to play hockey…


The General loves to chase (and steal) the puck! 😉 He’ll run beside us on the ice, waiting for us to hit the puck. Whenever he gets to it first, he picks it up and runs out into the field and waits for us to chase him. Walking across a corn field in skates isn’t very comfortable, so we try to get the puck first..

Sometimes he gets in front of the puck and it whizzes under his feet (Like in the picture above)


Neither of us mind the cold, but because of the wind chill our faces got frozen feeling fast, so we had to come in sooner than we would have liked.


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~ Gabrielle