Grain Farming and Chicken Farming

DSCN6981_FotorSince I haven’t blogged for a over week, I thought I’d share some pictures of what has been happening on the farm lately!

The corn is being planted right now; this year Dad is planting the back fields to corn. The picture above is of Dad, Nathaniel, and Gabrielle loading fertilizer into the corn planter before Dad headed out to plant one evening. I love to help with the farm work, but when there is not anything for me to do, I enjoy taking photos 😉 I love the different colors in the above photo– the blue rainy sky with streaks of sun light; the white birches against the dark woods; and, best of all, the Allis Chalmers tractors ready for an evening in the fields!


In this picture, my brother is disking the back field to make it ready for planting corn. I think disking is probably the funnest of all spring farm work.


Our second flock of meat chickens arrived last Thursday. This flock has been easier to care for than the first flock was, mainly because the temperatures are warmer.


The first flock of meat chickens is already 5 weeks old! I like the chickens best when they are at this age, because they are easier to care for. (Their bedding is harder to change though.) Next week we have to call the guy who butchers chickens and set a day to take these chickens to him. It will be a busy time because the week after we butcher this flock, we have a new flock arriving. At least there are two of us to do all the work 🙂


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Corn Harvest


Last week Dad started to harvest the corn in the fields behind our house. Over the weekend we got quite a bit of rain which made the fields too wet for farming. But yesterday and today were in the high sixties and sunny, and the fields dried up enough for Dad to start combining again! On the right of the bottom picture is the a tractor and two gravity wagons. Dad unloads the corn from the combine into the gravity wagons, then takes the gravity wagons up to the yard to unload into the grain bin. This evening there wasn’t much wind, so the dust from the fields hung in the air; it made the sunset look so pretty!


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Soybean Harvest

DSCN3728_fotor DSCN3747_fotor

Dad finished harvesting the soybeans here on the home farm. There are a couple fields in the area that need combined, and then the soybean harvest will be over. One interesting thing this year about the harvest, is that we haven’t gotten a frost yet! Because of this, the bean stalks are still green (they haven’t died down completely). The stalks become lodged in the reel and plug it up. Although this doesn’t damage the combine, it does make combining difficult.


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