Meat Bird Update: 8 weeks


I thought I’d share a few more pictures of the meat birds before they go. I like to let them out into the “feed room” side of the coop; it is just where I store their feed and where the three in the pool are, but they like the change of scenery and the grass! I usually dump a handful of feed on the dirt floor for them to eat too.


I’ll let the chickens stay out in the feed room for awhile, but I like to have them all in the other side when I’m not there because it’s safer. Sometimes General will come in and sniff around….his presence is a little terrifying to the chickens, as you can see in the picture! He also helps to get the chickens out of the feed room this way 😉


Otherwise he isn’t really too interested in them!


The three in the pool are doing good (the third chicken is right behind the standing chicken). I think they might weigh 1-3 pounds less then the rest!



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