Snowy Pines


Last Monday, we had a large rain/snowstorm move through the area. On Tuesday morning we awoke to snow everywhere!


This is General’s paw print in the snow. It’s just so cute!



Mom got this picture of the sunrise….I was out hunting this morning, and let me tell ya, the sunrise was so much prettier without the trees in the way! I just wish I’d had a camera along.


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Autumn Weather

Last weekend we had some stormy weather, but after it passed we saw the beauty in it. The cottonwood trees along the fence line looked so pretty against the dark blue of the sky, and the gazebo looks rich in the sunshine.


The next morning, we awoke to a gorgeous sunrise. Mom took these lovely photos of the sun shining on the woods in the back.


Looks like a perfect morning to be out bowhunting!


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