UP200 Finish


Denis Tremblay, Bib 7, heading down for a 3rd place finish


Ed Stielstra, Bib #3, placing 4th!



Ed’s dogs


Ward Wallin, Bib #8, placing 5th.



One dog was in the bag when the team came in


Bruce Langmaid and his team (bib 2) crossing the finish line in 6th place


(Bib 12) Shawn McCarty’s dogs heading down to the truck with a 7th place finish

On Sunday the dog teams returned to Marquette’s Lower Harbor and the finish line. We got down there in time to see Denis Tremblay, Ed Stielstra,Ward Wallin, and Bruce Langmaid finish. We also walked around the parking lot where the mushers were taking care of their dogs and we talked a bit to Ed Stielstra. He introduced us to his dogs and told us a little about each one. Elisabeth and I both think it would be so fun to work for Ed and Jen’s kennel (Nature’s Kennel) when we are older 🙂

Because we had to head home, we missed seeing Sally Manikian finish. She came in about an hour and a half after we left.


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UP200 Start



At the start of the UP200


Gabrielle and Sally Manikian 



Friday evening (February 12th) was the start of the Up200; it was bitterly cold and windy and we all froze, but it was a lot of fun! We got down to the race early and got to watch the mushers get their gear out and start to pack their sleds. Gabrielle and I talked a little bit to Sally Manikian who is from New Hampshire. Definitely a highlight of the evening!

For most of the start we were down at the bend in the road where the teams head south out of town. (It was so hard to get pictures of the teams because of how fast they went by and the darkness made many of the pictures blurry. But we picked our best to share with you )  Towards the end of the UP200 start we walked up the hill and got to see the teams go by from different points.

Gabrielle and I wanted to stay and see the Midnight Run teams start, but everyone else was frozen so we had to head back to our hotel : (

Later we will share some pictures from the finish line!



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~ Elisabeth