Knitted Hat


A few weeks ago, I bought this thick Lion Brand yarn with the intent of knitting a warm winter hat with it. Mom had found this really nice hat pattern on Etsy and it was fairly easy to knit too!


I had never knit on the round before so it was an exciting project. I’m planning on knitting a scarf out of the same yarn, I just have to find a pattern first! 😉


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~ Gabrielle


Yarn Tote Organization Before and After


This tote was under my bed, and I used it for storing my yarn and a few other things. But I finally decided that this tote should only be for yarn. So I dumped it out on the floor…


and spread it out. Here are all the things that were in the tote (excluding the purple polkadot socks, which I forget to put in!) There is yarn, knitting needles, a journal (?), fabric, an unfinished sewing project, patterns, embroidery hoops, buttons, candles, and more yarn.


The yarn went back into the tote, because I didn’t have anything pretty for it to be put in to. Then I put away all the little things that were left…like the embroidery hoops and buttons, and some yarn that I didn’t want.



After that, all that was left was the candles and the journal, which I put into the pretty box above! I slipped the loose candles into the little sachet so that they were contained.


By the way, the candles’ scents altogether smell like candy. 🙂 Just thought you might like to know that. I added the pencils and more notebooks because they wanted to be by the yummy smelling candles. Well, okay I needed a place to put them. 🙂


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